• Programa de mentoring para el impulso de las start-ups locales dentro del ámbito del 4YFN @ MWC
  • Nominalia y Fundació puntCAT han desarrollado conjuntamente este programa para 4YFN @ MWC

What we offer

Speed ​​mentoring programme

A presentation of your start-up at the event 4YFN @ MWC

A prize for the three selected start-ups

Access to funding and possible international investors

About us

We know that in our city there are very good projects to improve our lives. Our goal is to help you increase the growth and scalability of your project through a mentoring programme that will end with a Demoday on 22 February 2016 at the event 4YFN @ MWC. Here, you will have the opportunity to present your project to international investors looking for start-ups just like yours.



Nominalia is part of the Dada group, one of the most successful and fast-growing companies in Europe in the fields of Domains, Professional Hosting, Web Design, Virtual and Dedicated Servers and advanced Online Marketing solutions. Nominalia is the most innovative way of understanding the online presence of small and medium enterprises and other professionals, proposing a technological platform on which users can manage all stages of their online presence.

The puntCAT Foundation (Fundació puntCAT)

The puntCAT Foundation is a private non-profit organisation which owns the internet.cat domain. The objectives in puntCAT’s mission include, among others, the promotion of activities relating to the management and promotion of the .cat domain, taking steps to normalise the use of .cat across all industries, boosting the Catalan identity and normalising the use of Catalan in the ICT (information and communications technology) and Internet areas, and to promote the Catalan-speaking Information Society.

Who can enter?

Start-ups at the early stages, with a product and/or application already on the market.

Existing companies with a project in the field of new technologies, entertainment, e-commerce and application development.

Stable pre-existing teams.

Start-ups in Catalan-speaking areas.



Start of call for proposals

16 November


End of call for proposals

27 December


Selection of projects

28 - 30 December


Announcement of selected start-ups

31 December


Start of the mentoring programme

14 January 2016



23 February 2016



Jaume Pla

Digital journalist. Community manager and Social Media Strategist


Nacho Bengoechea

Marketing digital specialist. Dada group, TI and NGOs


Julia Vázquez

Graphic designer. Web design, Internet and new technologies


Victor Soucheiron

Financial Management Consultant, general and analytical accounting, business plans


Eduard Banqué

Commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law attorney


Vicens Martí

CEO and co-founder of Akamon Entertainment. Expert in revenue generation, pricing strategy and strategic alliances.


Pedro Armangué Caralps

Director of the Marketing Management and Sales program. ESADE. Founder of Way Away. Consulting, Marketing, Trade & Customer Marketing, Sales and Digital Business.


Montse Puig

Finance and strategy specialist with experience in investment rounds for startups and international expansion.

“Mentoring Start-Up” programme application form


1.Start-up name*

2.Start-up URL*

3.Give a brief description of your business (max. 140 characters)*

4.How many people are in the team?*

 Only 1 2-4 people 4-6 people More than 6 people

5.Where is the start-up located?*


6.What are the founders’ areas of knowledge and experience?
 Software Engineering Graphic/Visual Design Finance Marketing/Sales Health Management Business Development Other

7.Would the founder(s) be available to take part in all the mentoring sessions? (up to 6 training sessions)*
 Yes No


8.What differentiating value does your product/application provide?* (max. 500 characters)

9.Who are your clients?* (max. 500 characters)

10.Please explain how you obtain/contact clients (max. 500 characters)

11.How do your clients and/or users use your product?
 Desktop Mobile/tablet Software Server Hardware Other

12.At what stage of development is your product?
 Idea Prototype Product development Test on the market Other

13.Please give the names of your three main competitors.* Include URLs (max. 500 characters)

14.URL for applications (app store / play store)


15.On what date did you begin to work on your start-up?*

16.How do you expect to monetise your project?* (max. 500 characters)

17.How much money have you invested in your start-up so far?* (max. 140 characters)

18.Are you planning on raising funds and money in the future for the development of your start-up?
 Yes No

19.Have you received funds or money from other companies, business angels or sponsors?
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20.In what areas do you need the most help and support?
 Marketing Finance Resources Technology Other


21.Telephone No.*

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